Actigener Shampoo Ice 250ml

  • ICE For all types of hair and contains next to the Arnica a number of skin cooling ingredients.@INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE SHAMPOOS All Actigener® Shampoo's are used as a normal shampoo. Wet the hair with warm water and massa- ge it with a little shampoo, then rinse. Massage anot- her little quantity of shampoo until it foams. Leave it for a few minutes on the hair and scalp and rinse. With serious problems it is recommended to leave the shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes. @INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE AGAINST EXCESSIVE SKIN FLAKING
Apply the shampoo with warm water directly onto the skin until it foams. Leave on the skin for 5-15 minutes or longer, then rinse. The same can be done with the Actigener® lotion, however, this will not foam and does not necessarily have to be rinsed. Both Actigener® shampoo and Lotion can be added to the bath to do its skin restoring work. @Originally Actigener® products were developed to resolve hair and scalp problems such as dandruff, skin flaking and the abnormal thinning of hair. But for problems like itching, greasy and limp hair Actigener® is also the ideal solution. After a few was- hes with Actigener® you will see and feel a marked improvement. Apart from solving your existing pro- blems, Actigener® will give volume and vitality to your hair at all times, and is a beauty product in it's own right. Dandruff and Flaking of Skin Dandruff and skin flakes can be caused by a few main defects, i.e. 1. the (temporary) missing of essential nutrition in the blood 2. the blood not being able to reach the hair roots to feed them. Furthermore there is a number of secondary causes to the problem: - a disturbed metabolism - misbalance of the process of cell building anddying - use of nicotine, alcohol and medicine - stress and nervosas - damaged hair due to the use of hair cosmetics Hair Loss The main causes of hereditary hair loss are similar to those of Dandruff and Flakes. The functioning of the hormone system may influence the hair growth too. It is accepted that both men and women naturally lose between 100-130 hairs every day due to totally natural hair loss. Nature replaces these losses, but if for any reason this does not occur, the thinning of hair becomes apparent. Actigener’s® active ingredients will give your hair total protection. Research and experiences show us that hair loss can be slowed down considerably for many people who exclusively use the products for their total hair care. It will thicken and vitalise hair for men and women. Besides that, there are indications that Actigener can improve new hair growth. How Actigener® works All our products contain many organic vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals, which have an important restorative effect on the skin. Actigener® is formulated to open the pores of your scalp, clean- se the blood surrounding the next generation of hair follicles, decontaminate scalp and follicles and stimulate them to activate themselves. The ingredient Arnica Montana boosts the blood flow and brings the blood to the surface of the skin. This temporarily boosted blood circulation leaves a warm, tingling scalp and may redden the skin for about 15 minutes. The Original Strong Shampoo for normal and greasy skin and hair conditions contains more of the Arnica Montana than the other shampoos. Consequently, the Strong Shampoo boosts the blood flow the most and may redden the skin more.
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